In-Home Storytelling Sessions


There’s no place like home.

As a family, where do you spend most of your time? Probably in your home. It may not seem like a magical place now, but in ten years when you look back, I suspect many of your favorite memories will have happened inside those walls. And they won’t be extraordinary moments – just life, your daily routine, the in-between times and being together.

I want to photograph your family, being yourselves, in the place that I believe we are all the most content and the most comfortable – at home. Home is more than just a place – it is a feeling and I want to capture that for you. It will be Your Story. As it is right now.

My sessions are relaxed and documentary in nature, so I will direct you at times, but much of the session is your family doing what you normally do. If a Saturday morning means playing with Legos on the ground, let’s do it. If you always cook pancakes, let’s do that. Do you like to climb in bed together and read? I would love to capture all of this. Your images will be candid, authentic, relaxed and in a documentary style. They will be unique, colorful, joyful and most likely imperfect. But I promise it will be you.

I am an Associate Photographer at Nicole Paulson Photography and all my client work is booked through them. Please contact for more information about booking Jen for your in-home storytelling session!